Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Rug

Feb 6, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Buying a rug involves more than choosing a color. The correct one can make your room look perfect while a wrong one can make you regret ever buying it. Therefore, buying a rug is definitely something you want to do when equipped with all the necessary information. Harmony Interiors has all the tips you need to pick the perfect rug for your house.

Let’s look at some of the tips.


Unlike a carpet, a rug doesn’t have to cover the entire floor space. This is because a wrong size can make the room look very rugged or bad. To get the right size think about the area you want to cover. Plan your room and all the furniture, then measure the exact size of the space you want to cover.

You can put a rug on an empty space or put furniture on top. For example, in the sitting room you can have the coffee table set on the rug.


This is definitely something you have to think about. If your house is full of dull colors, then a bright or light rug will be the perfect match. If you want a rug with different patterns, then that becomes a little bit tricky since you have to consider all colors in your house. Therefore, make sure the patterns match with the furniture, wall and the floor.


Having different texture fills in your room makes it look very unique and classy. The texture of your furniture finishes can guide you on the kind of rug to buy. For example, if you have leather seats, a fluffy rug would look so good in the room.


Make your house look unique and classy by having a rug of a different shape other than rectangle. In most cases, people in Frisco buy rugs that are rectangular and this makes it so common. Spice your room by having a different shape.

Mass Depth

Maintenance of a rug is very important and thus you should put that into consideration when buying one. If you are buying a rug for a kitchen, then a shallow one will do since once in a while spillage may occur. A rug that is soft is likely to wear out quickly especially if it is kept in a room which is often used.

Interior design in Frisco is considered very important. Please feel free to contact Harmony Interiors to get more advice on interior design and also to help you choose the perfect rug.


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