It starts with your lifestyle.

Where do you relax? What colors suit you best? How do you use your kitchen? Do you want a bathroom that serves as a blissful sanctuary? How do you live your life?

These are some of the questions we’ll ask when assessing your needs for living, relaxing, working and entertaining in your home. It’s how we’re able to give you exactly what you’re looking for, from space planning to furniture selection to a complete remodel. Just tell us what you have in mind and, after getting to know you, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you have exactly what you want, without lifting a finger. Harmony Interiors is dedicated to providing the best residential interior design services in Breckenridge and all of Summit County.



Whether building a home, remodeling an existing dwelling or adding on to a home that needs more space, the process can often be daunting.  It’s easy to look at an outdated kitchen and declare its need for updating, but where do you start? Is it simply picking out new appliances? Replacing old cabinets with new? Restoring the existing cabinets and adding a granite countertop? Changing the entire layout? Switching to a more consistent mountain home décor theme? Regardless of the ultimate decision, the project will require planning and coordination to achieve the desired result.  That’s why we’re here, to provide personalized residential interior design services in Breckenridge, Frisco and surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver on your vision while saving you the time, hassle, frustration and exasperation that can often accompany projects large and small. Our expertise and experience can save you angst and provide a completed project that meets your goals, budget and desires.

There can only be so many cooks in any kitchen, but why should the cook be left out of Uncle Bob’s colorful story-telling or Aunt Ida’s hilarious pranks? Most lifestyles can best be embraced by allowing the great room to serve as an extension of the space. Whether it’s an enormous great room or a cozy setting around a fireplace, kids can grapple with their homework, pull out their Play Station 3 or text their friends while adults engage with the cook. It’s the stage upon which great memories are built, and it’s the kind of environment that makes your home a favorite among family and friends. Whether you are looking for mountain home décor or modern décor our residential interior design services in Breckenridge will provide just what you are looking for.

Your new kitchen can serve as the perfect backdrop to the merriment of family and friends as you gather to prepare an evening meal. While one person uses the new prep sink to make a salad, another is putting shrimp on skewers to sizzle on your new indoor grill. Guests are mingling about, enjoying a cold beverage and some appetizers. Your kids are enjoying the new television and computer link that enables them to stay connected while still being a part of the group. Once the meal has been consumed, state-of-the-art appliances make clean up a snap. As the go-to place to get together, our residential interior design services in Breckenridge, Frisco and Keystone will make sure your kitchen is the spot that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

The bedroom is where we go to rest our weary bones, ideally on a plush mattress with access to an audio video component for music or Leno – whichever mood prevails. Our bedrooms are our personal retreats and represent a place of respite, rejuvenation and replenishment. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping – or so we should – and the right amount of luxury can guarantee a peaceful night of slumber. Design the perfect oasis by hiring our team for residential interior design services in Breckenridge and throughout Summit County.

It’s hard to leave work at the office, especially when technology gives us a constant link to our work world. Office spaces can be disguised in small spaces or they can become a full-fledged home office with cabinetry, technological enhancements, audio visual capabilities and other embellishments to create an entirely commute-free existence. An office filled with mountain home décor is the perfect addition to make sure you are productive during essential times.

The bath can be functional, or it can become a place of serenity. It can take on any theme that best serves to soothe your senses. It can be a spa, a haven and your very own place to escape every day hardships and stresses. Our team that provides residential interior design services in Breckenridge, Keystone and Frisco are experts in textures, elements, design and space planning that can be utilized to reflect every nuance of your personality.

Windows allow us to bring the outside in, but there are times when treatments are necessary. Whether it’s to control light, provide privacy or assist in climate control, your selection of window coverings will make a strong personal statement. Window treatments serve to complement your mountain home décor or any other décor you might have, set a tone for the room and blend your color and pattern schemes in a cohesive design.

Does blue make you happy? Does red stimulate your senses? Paint can inspire, soothe, provide peace and enable one to completely change a color scheme for a fresh new start. Color brings a sense of harmony and balance to your living space and will join your rooms together in a smooth, orchestrated transition. Contact Harmony Interiors today to receive the best residential interior design services in Breckenridge and all of summit county!

It’s a story often printed in the real estate sections of newspapers and magazines: A house isn’t selling, the owners hire someone to stage the home, and it sells the next day. There’s a trick to having the right-sized furniture, using space wisely and creating a sense of ambiance so desirable that it captures the hearts of total strangers and that is exactly what our residential interior design services in Breckenridge provide!

It’s hard to ‘pull the trigger’ with only a mental image of the changes that are about to occur. We’ll provide a 3D visual that will make things real, eliminate surprises and keep you free from stress.

Once the building, renovating, color selection and furniture placement have been decided, it’s the little things that complete the picture. Whether it’s a Sterling Silver vase full of fresh peonies, a few extravagant pillows or the piece of Murano glass you brought back from Italy, the right touches will enhance your space and reflect your personal tastes. Mountain home décor is our specialty at Harmony Interiors, call us today to spice up your house!

Life is full of changes, and our needs change along with the vicissitudes of life. What worked 10 years ago might not work anymore. Alterations and adapting to new situations and lifestyles provides a way to re-invent your home to reflect the life you’re living today. Call the experts at Harmony Interiors if yours looking for residential interior design services in Breckenridge and throughout Summit County.

The ancient-old principles of Feng Shui can still influence the way a person feels when they enter your home. Though no one will probably notice you’ve consciously applied the concept, they will probably notice how calm and peaceful they feel in the environment. There’s an overall sense of balance and harmony, and the end result is an increased feeling of serenity.  Feng Shui can be used to capture good energy, bring about creativity and contentment and improve the quality of our lives. Our residential interior design services in Breckenridge can bring your home the one piece that seems to be missing and connect everything together.  It remains the one unidentifiable feature of your living space that others strive to duplicate. 

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Lynn Myers in Frisco, CO on Houzz
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